I spent my early youth in West Africa, where hair is an important part of one’s identity and I was fascinated by hairstyles from an early age. I got to know the social, aesthetic and technical side of hair dos from my six sisters. The passion took me to New York, Paris and London where I trained as a hairstylist.

Since 2006 I have been practising in Amsterdam, gaining experience through my work in various salons. My specialist colour training course at Vidal Sassoon in London was a high point in my development. I have developed a diverse clientele who have encouraged me to set up my own operation, a salon or as some of my clients say an 'atelier'.

I tame the most unruly crowns, control the wildest curls or let them jump free. With my comb and scissors I know how to get the maximum out of all hair types. When it's time for a different look, my passion for colour comes to the fore, creating unique shades to suit your hair and your personality.

If you want fuller or longer hair, I can apply natural weaves. And when you want something special, I style your hair with my straightener, Dyson dryer and the best products, producing long-lasting results. Perhaps this is why my clients sometimes call me the hair artist.

If you are after a unique cut, I explain the various styling options to maximise the impact of the coupe. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a customer leave the salon with a fresh, suitable haircut, a good feeling and a confident smile.

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